Agents, officers arrest 11 people accused in distributing crystal methamphetamine

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LINDSAY, Okla. - An early morning wake-up call for some alleged drug dealers in Garvin County Wednesday morning.  The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, Garvin County Sheriff's Deputies and Lindsay police teamed up for a warrant sweep in chilly temperatures.

They had 5 search warrants and 19 arrest warrants for people accused of distributing methamphetamine.  Law agents said the group is involved in Mexican-sourced meth sales.

They say the group distributes up to 2 pounds of crystal meth a week.

The sweep started at 6 am.  They ended up arrested 12 people they were originally targeting.

OBN Director Darrel Weaver was pleased with the sweep.

"This is really a dismantlement more than a disruption and I think there is a huge difference.
In order to be successful you have to take out wholesale groups and this is what's happening here."

More arrests are possible.