Grim gifts holiday shoppers are grabbing

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Oklahoma City, Okla. - As Oklahomans get busy with their Christmas shopping, some folks are going for gifts that might be considered creepy to some.

Many people are buying grim gifts, gruesome to some, but intriguing none the less.

"There's always interesting stuff I like to get," said nine-year-old Jayden.

The little girl and her family didn't travel all the way from Amarillo to shop for the ordinary.
"It's unusual, but it's awesome at the same time," said Chloe Rauss.

Rauss is selling the customers bones, real human and animal skeltons.

"It's extrememly rare to see things like this. So it's really popular," said Rauss.

The Santa at the store, Skulls Unlimited, is a bit bonier than we're used to seeing, but just like any store, Christmas is their busiest time of year.

"It's absolutely insane just how much," said Rauss. "It's right after Thanksgiving our sales just up."

This time of year, Skulls Unlimited is shipping out 200 boxes every singly day, and that's not even counting gift shop sales from the Musem of Osteology they opened up next door.

Cases lined with decorations are filled with the gifts people are after: human skulls, fish, oppossum, beaver bones, bats, spiders.

"A lot of people do buy them," said Rauss. "Maybe like they're medical students or just a collector."

Even for her, the question does cross her mind, "Sometimes when they buy things, I'm like, 'hat are they doing with this?"

It's not for everyone.

"I wouldn't like it," said visitor, Duy Ly.

However, for the little girl in the store, body parts under the tree would be a perfect surprise.

"I'd probably scream becuase I love skulls!" said Jayden.

Skulls Unlimited is one of the only places in the U.S. that provides real and replica animal and human bones. People all around athe world are ordering from the store.

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