New meditation tool helps Oklahoma students through finals week

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NORMAN, Okla.- It’s a stressful time of year for many college students across the state, finals week.

Finding ways to relax can be tough but at the University of Oklahoma, there’s a unique way to blow off steam right inside the Bizzell Memorial Library.

Organizers say they have incorporated Sparq Labyrinth mediation into their activities.

Matt Cook, the creator of the class, said, "Walk slowly to the center and take a deep breath."

There are six labyrinth patterns to choose from, each representing different cultures, including medieval Europe, Celtic, ancient India and Native American.

The goal is to give students other ways to use their downtime, rather than turning to Facebook and other social media sites.

Cook said, "What can you do to get people away from their computer and give them a body activity?"

After a bit of research, he found labyrinths come with lots of benefits, like enhancing productivity and reducing stress.

Christine Edwards, an OU graduate student, said, "You're walking down this stairwell and you see it and you're like 'What is that?"

At first, Edwards was hesitant but gave Sparq Labryinth a try.

She said it's a great way to let off steam during finals week.

She said, "A grade is just a grade. It's just one semester, it's just one class."

It only takes a couple minutes out of your day to try something new, turn off your mind and take a deep breath.

The Bizzell Memorial Library has a feedback box where students can leave comments about their Sparq Labyrinth Mediation experience.

The area will be inside the library through Dec. 29 before moving to OU's Tulsa campus for a test run.