Oklahoma City woman claims the City is to blame for her pipes bursting

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Terri Thweatt did everything right to prevent her pipes from freezing and busting. She opened cabinet doors to allow heat to reach her pipes.

She made sure her faucets were dripping she even put a cover on her outside faucet.    But when she came home Tuesday and unlocked her front door she couldn’t believe what had happened.

“It was raining inside, “Terri said.  “Like a rainstorm." Her pipes had burst and water was everywhere.  She took pictures, documenting just how bad it was.

The water soaked her carpet, the floorboards, her furniture.

She's been told it would cost close to two-thousand dollars to replace.

Terri says that’s not an option. “I don't have that kind of money."

She believes an Oklahoma City maintenance crew, which was repairing a water main break just a few feet down the street, caused her pipes to break when they turned her water back on.

The city says the water from the break went into the storm drain, and they do not know where the water inside came from.

OKC Utilities Department spokesperson, Debbie Ragan, says the city isn't responsible because that water main did not feed into her condo. "We do not work on private property and we're not responsible for the private lines."

Colin Frayser, owner of Cherokee Plumbing recommends using a 150-dollar frost proof outdoor faucet.   If your pipes break, he says you should have a meter key to access the outside valve that can shut off the water to your home.

Meanwhile as Terri fights the city over who should foot the bill for her clean-up costs keep this in mind, The utilities department says anyone who believes the city caused their pipes to break can file a complaint with their office.