OSU cheerleader to be disciplined for trying to trip OU football player in Bedlam game

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STILLWATER, Okla. – The Oklahoma State cheerleader who stuck his foot out to trip an OU football player in the Bedlam game will now face disciplinary action.

During Saturday’s game in Stillwater, Jarid Atkinson could be seen trying to trip Oklahoma’s Eric Striker after he made the final touchdown in the Sooner victory, 33-24.

University officials said Atkinson said he was playfully sticking his foot out, not really meaning to trip Striker.

OSU Deputy Athletic Director Dave Martin told the Big 12 OSU “does not condone, physical or verbally abusive acts toward anyone working, attending or competing in our athletic events.”

“I have met individually with the male student involved with the incident and he is extremely apologetic for his involvement,” Martin said. “And he understands there will be consequences for his poor judgment and actions. At this time, I feel confident the situation has been thoroughly investigated and that consequences for the involved person are warranted and will be administered.”

Martin has not confirmed the nature of the punishment.