Missing man found in cow pasture now in critical condition

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A 66-year-old man is now fighting for his life after being found in the snow in a cow pasture.

Authorities say John Stamper went missing Tuesday afternoon from a northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood.

He was discovered nearly frozen to death by police in a cow pasture in southwest Oklahoma City around 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

Officials say he got stuck on a gravel road near S.W. 179th St. and Penn and was found outside of his pickup truck in the snow.

He was rushed to OU Medical Center in serious condition for exposure to the cold temperatures but his condition has worsened and he has since been listed in critical condition.

"For a while, your heart rate is going to go up,” Tony McCarty, with EMSA, said. “You're going to start burning more calories, trying to produce that artificial heat to try to maintain your core temperature."

If you are outside for too long, hypothermia can set in, causing a person to be confused or even unresponsive.

“There are so many factors that go into it,” McCarty said. “Their health. Their age. Are they drinking alcoholic beverages? That causes you to lose more heat faster that way.”

According to the missing person's report, Stamper has a heart condition, as well as memory lapses that could have led to this unfortunate incident.

EMSA offers tips to those taking care of an elderly family member or friend.

"We'd really like to see someone with them,” McCarty said. “That's really the first line of defense.  If there's some way you can make sure they know how to use a cellphone."