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Teens throw party in vacant mansion; steal medieval armor, stuffed snow leopard

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LOS ANGELES –  Officials say 16 people, including 13 teenagers, could face felony charges for breaking into a vacant mansion and throwing a wild party.

Police say the suspects trashed the residence and stole several collectibles including medieval armor, a World War II helmet and a stuffed snow leopard that is valued at $250,000.

The suspects posted pictures of themselves in the home on social media sites, which is what led to their arrests.

Capt. Tim Murakami, with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, said, “The parents were all cooperative, of course, embarrassed. And they’re not from poor families; they’re from middle class families. And I think what happened, they just got caught up in, basically, being stupid.”

The price tag for the damages is estimated to be around $1 million.