Poachers behead elk and cover it up with hay

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RURAL, Okla. - State authorities are looking into a poaching investigation.

The remains of an elk was found in Rural Oklahoma. The wild animal was killed illegally, and beheaded.

It happened just west of the town of Apache, south of Carnegie in Caddo County.

Hundreds of them roam wild out in Caddo County. Years ago, some escaped from the local wild-life refuge and their population exploded.

Bob Kerr owns the land where the elk was discovered.

"I about went into orbit." said Kerr. "I saw this big heap of hay and i thought now that looks a little strange. I walked up and there's a food sticking up."

The foot of a bull elk that had been beheaded, and the body buried under hay that Bob uses to feed his cattle.

There is a limited hunting season for elk, but the manner in which this animal was gunned down and mutilated is a serious offense.

State authorities are still trying to track down the hunter.

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