Thunder fans Face phobia at the Thunder game

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Oklahoma City, Okla. - Out of thousands of fans who filled the Chesapeake Arena for the Thunder game against the Lakers Friday, one was different from all the rest.

You've probably felt that feeling walking into a big game. The music is thumping, you're battling the crowd, finding your way to your seat at the top. You're excited, but for Teresea Holmes, the feeling is: "Dizzy," laughed Holmes.

A nervous laugh, because she's afraid of heights.
She watched the Thunder play for the first time from three stories up.

"I feel like I'm going to fall over the edge," said Holmes.

So why'd she go through with it? Love.
"She bought me these tickets for our anniversary," said her husband, Jack Holmes.

They've been married for 28 years. For the past few, Jack has been dying to see the Lakers play the Thunder.
So tickets were a great gift for him.
"Oh yes, I love it!" said Jack.

However, the date was her push to overcome the phobia.

A very brave step. The couple tackled it side by side to cheer on their team.

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