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Colorado teen writes message to family during school shooting

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DENVER (CNN) – While hiding in classrooms throughout Arapahoe High School as a gunman roamed the halls, hundreds of teens were wondering if they would live to see another day.

Matt Bowers was one of those students.

He took shelter in a classroom as shots rang out.

He says he was not sure that he would survive the attack and wanted his family to know that he was thinking of them.

Bowers said, “I felt around my pockets to see what I was carrying and I found that I was carrying a pen with me, a ballpoint pen. And that morning, I didn’t really tell my family I loved them or anything like that. So, I wrote ‘I love you’ on my hand, just so that they knew I was thinking about them and I was praying for them. And ever since then, I’ve been carrying the pen in my pocket. This is the one I used to write the note on my hand.”

17-year-old Claire Davis was critically injured when Karl Pierson opened fire last Friday.

When police arrived, Pierson shot and killed himself.