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Mother seeking justice 15 years after daughter, grandchildren killed in arson fire

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It's been 15 years since Linda Poindexter last saw her daughter, Teresa Burleson.

In 1998, Burleson and her two children died from smoke inhalation in their metro home.

For six years, the investigation was pending. Linda
Poindexter the mother of Teresa Burleson says.

" its been so long, its been 15 years but it
feels like yesterday."

In 2004, the deaths of Burleson and her two children were classified as homicides.

The case went cold and remains unsolved to this day.

However, police have reopened the case and are taking a new look at the evidence.

MSgt. Gary Knight says

"it’s a very unique set of circumstances because typically when we work a case we want to get out there get on it start collecting evidence and working it as a homicide immediately. Because of this set of circumstances that didn’t get to happens it puts us somewhat behind the eight ball. "

Burleson's mother says she is hoping that new evidence has surfaced and will lead to the arrest of the person responsible for her daughter's death.

" I wanna see the person or persons involved pay
for what they’ve done. I just want justice for Sissy, Chelsea and

The family has created a Facebook page: Justice for Teresa, Chelsi and Schyler.


They ask that if you have any new information, to please call 405-297-3321 or 405-2327766.