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Woman finds toy on train, turns to Twitter to find rightful owner

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YORK, England –  A woman who found a stuffed animal on a train goes to great lengths to find its owner, even dedicating her Twitter feed to the search.

Lauren Vranch was on an East Coast train when she stumbled upon a little bear, that appeared to be a child’s favorite toy.

She planned to drop it off at Kings Cross lost and found but not before taking the toy on an adventure through Newcastle.

Vranch grabbed the little bear and went for a cup of tea and even visited a cozy pub.

After getting their fill, the duo made it to a show and ended the night at a hotel.

Vranch made her way to Kings Cross but was told the little guy would be sent to Inverness, which meant she would have to travel back to the central station in London for his owner to have any chance of finding him.

Her journey hit another speed bump when the lost property area was closed for the weekend.

Vranch ended up posting the pic of the bear on a Facebook page for lost items and quickly received a message back.

It turns out the little bear wasn’t a bear at all.

It is a little lion named ‘Roar’ that belongs to a little girl named Phoebe.

Her father found the page after Phoebe was in tears all weekend after losing her favorite stuffed animal.

She had taken him on a surprise trip to London and forgotten him along the way.

The family was reunited and now ‘Roar’ is back home.