Boy found asleep in classroom after school was dismissed for the day

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PERKINS, Okla. - A Payne County mother is speaking out after she says her son's school lost track of her child.

On Monday, Raven Dixon was in a panic when her son, Gage, never came home from school.

On Wednesday, we found Gage digging quite a hole in his grandmother's yard.

The third-grader is starting to feel better after being down for a couple of days with a fever, which began Monday after Gage arrived at Perkins Tryon Intermediate School.

That's when he told his substitute teacher that he didn't feel well.

His mother says the teacher let him lie down and even woke him up for lunch but never sent him to the office.

Dixon said, "It's frustrating. Why would you not let this kid call home?"

After lunch, he took another rest.

Hours later, school was out but Gage never arrived home, so his grandmother rushed to the building.

His gym shoes and backpack were still in his locker but no one could find him.

Dixon said, "They've called the cops. My mom had to give a description. That's scary. As a mom you think the worst."

Gage's mom says it took about an hour but school officials found the 9-year-old in his gage momclassroom.

The door was shut and all of the lights were off.

Dixon said, "I guess they have a little reading area in there and I guess he had fell asleep in there."

While Gage is feeling better, his mom is keeping him home.

She says she is frustrated that she was never called until he was missing.

She said, "He was running a fever when I got him. I felt horrible for him. It was heart-breaking."

The principal at the school tells us they are investigating.

They say the safety and security of the students is something they take very seriously.

They also say any necessary action will be taken to ensure this does not happen again.