Convicted murderer in pharmacy shooting arrested after shot in head at Moore apartment overnight

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Police have arrested a teen involved in the Reliable Pharmacy shooting and attempted robbery after he was the victim of a shooting Tuesday night.

According to officials, Jevontai Ingram is in police custody after being released from the hospital where he was being treated for a gunshot wound to the head.

Authorities are currently holding Ingram from violating his agreements with the courts.

On April 30, Ingram failed to appear in court for a hearing regarding the murder trial associated with the Reliable Pharmacy attempted robbery.

When he did not appear in court, the judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

Police said they were called to the Nottingham Apartments near N.W. 27th St. and Janeway in Moore overnight for a reported shooting.

Officers said they didn’t find victims or anything suspicious.

Then, moments later, a teen, who we now know is Ingram, walked into the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head.

Authorities went back to the apartments in Moore to investigate.

Police said they believe the shooting was gang-related.

Officials said a fight broke out inside one of the units, someone pulled out a gun and shot Ingram, grazing his head.

Medical officials said the wound is not life-threatening.

Police have not released any information about a possible suspect at this time.

Officials say Ingram was in violation of his probation when the shooting occurred.

He agreed to stay in the Dallas area with a relative and not return to the State of Oklahoma.

Police are also investigating whether he fired a round during the argument, which would be a second violation of probation.

Ingram was convicted of murder when he was 14 for his involvement in the 2009 Reliable Pharmacy shooting in which Jerome Ersland shot and killed Ingram’s accomplice, 16-year-old Antwan Parker.