Governor Mary Fallin Disappointed with Supreme Court Ruling on Tax Cut/Capitol Repair Legislation

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Gov. Mary Fallin

OKLAHOMA CITY – Governor Mary Fallin released the following statement after the Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down House Bill 2032, which cuts taxes for Oklahomans while funding needed Capitol repairs.

“I am extremely disappointed in the Supreme Court’s decision to unravel a plan that would have provided tax relief to Oklahoma families as well as a way of restoring our crumbling Capitol building. I will work closely with the Legislature to develop a strategy to move forward.”

Speaker T.W. Shannon is also disappointed and questions the ruling made by the Oklahoma Supreme Court on a measure that would lower the tax burden on citizens and provide funds for much needed repairs at the Capitol.

The Supreme Court struck down House Bill 2032 under the Oklahoma Constitution’s single-subject rule, also known as the ‘logrolling’ provision.

HB 2032 called for a series of tax cuts and created a tax revenue source that would repair the crumbling Capitol without taking on bonded debt.

“Today’s ruling was a huge blow to Oklahoma families who have been expecting tax relief, and I’m deeply disappointed the Supreme Court has once again ruled against the interests of those families,” said Speaker Shannon, author of HB 2032. “The good news is, help is on the way. I am prepared to act quickly with legislative leaders and the Governor to restore what the Supreme Court has undone.”