Judge tells rock star convicted of child sex abuse, “you are dangerous”

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CARDIFF, Wales (CNN) – The lead singer of a rock band was sentenced Wednesday to 35 years in prison for child sex abuse.

Officials say 36-year-old Ian Watkins, the lead singer of Lostprophets, confessed to 13 crimes.

He will serve 29 years in a British prison for the string of offenses, including the attempted rape of a baby, and six years under police supervision.

According to the British Press Association, Watkins used female fans to get access to children.

Judge Roger Royce said, “I am satisfied that you are a deeply corrupting influence, you are highly manipulative, you are a sexual predator, you are dangerous. The public, and, in particular, young females need protection from you.”

Two other defendants, who are suspected to be followers of Lostprophets, were sentenced to 14 years and 17 years in jail.

Police say they are also investigating whether Watkins committed similar crimes in Germany and the United States.