Man speaking about mail carrier: “He’s more than a hero to me”

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NEW YORK (CNN) – A New York man is being called a hero after catching two babies who were dropped from the second floor of a burning apartment building.

Everdeen Codler, the twins’ father, said, “I can’t repay him. I can’t repay him. I’m just glad that he was there.”

Codler says he is grateful for his next-door neighbor, Jermaine Shirley.

Shirley helped save Codler’s two twin boys from a fire in their apartment building.

Shirley said, “The father came out on the fire escape and it was too high for him to walk down because they were twins. So above, there’s like a first layer in the back. I went up on there, he throw the baby down. I put one down, catch the next one, then I jumped down. The father hopped down and threw them down to me again.”

The 11-month-old boys, Ishmael and Israel, were brought to safety.

Shirley, a mail carrier, was heading to work when he first took notice of the smoke.

Instead of running for his life, he began knocking on doors to make sure everyone was out safe.

Officials say because of his quick-thinking, only three people suffered minor injuries.

Codler said, “You have everyday heroes but I don’t know. He’s more than a hero to me.”

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.