Two eighth-grade students arrested after Tecumseh schools put on lock down

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TECUMSEH, Okla. - Authorities with the Tecumseh Police Department say they have arrested two eighth-grade students after the school district was put on lock down Wednesday morning.

Officials locked down all Tecumseh public schools because they said they were searching for two middle school boys Wednesday morning.

Shortly before 12 p.m., Assistant Chief J.R. Kidney, with the Tecumseh Police Department, announced that officers have arrested one of the eighth-graders.

The boy was arrested on a complaint of making threats of bringing a gun to school.

We're told he was arrested at Tecumseh Middle School.

However, the school district remained on lock down until a second student was arrested Wednesday afternoon.

Police say that boy was reported as a runaway Tuesday night.

According to police, all five schools in the district were locked down just after 9 a.m.

Authorities have not released the boys' names or where they were last seen.

School officials have not confirmed why authorities are searching for the boys but said the lock down was at the request of police.

Tecumseh Public Schools said police called Wednesday morning saying they are trying to find the two boys.

According to reports, the two boys were overheard making threats to bring a gun to school.

Authorities confirmed that police found a toy pistol near Hwy 177 and Highland.

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