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Midwest City, Okla. -  A thrift store angel sends customers home happy.

He's in and out in flash. "And as fast as he walks in, he disappears," said Crystal Roberson

Surveillance cameras can't seem to catch him.

"He's not a customer, he's not anyone that anyone is familiar with," said Roberson

One customers said "He's tall, silver hair, and a kind, kind face.

This mystery man always comes bearing gifts. Roberson, manager at Uptown Thrift Store say every year an older gentleman walks in, hands out Christmas cards then walks out.

A recipient who didn't want to share her name said, "When I opened it, there was a message saying 'God loves you' and four one-hundred dollar bills."

Four hundred dollars this woman never saw coming. Overwhelmed with emotion, she went outside, wiped away tears before she could finish shopping.

Roberson said, "People who just cry because it's a blessing, its got money and every year its different."

Roberson doesn't know how many customers received the cards carrying $400 but people told News Channel 4 anywhere between 7 and 20 shoppers waived around the unexpected bills.

"That's a substantial amount of money. All I know is that there is a Santa Clause in Oklahoma."

Shoppers Timothy and Marnay Ginn missed out of the surprise, "We were too late I guess, but that's alright. We should have come earlier," they said.

But another angel paid for their daughter's layaway last year filled with toys for their grand kids

Tim said, "It brought tears to my eyes that's for sure it happens. There's still good people out there."

Employees say they don't want to know who the Midwest City Saint Nick is, but they do have a message for him.

"It means so much to a lot of people. I hope you are so, so blessed in the years to come and just continue to be the angle on earth that you are," said Roberson.