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Pott. Co. alleged ‘bad Santa’ dreaming of green Christmas behind bars for jolly joints, pot in pear tree

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WANETTE, Okla. - A suspect was dreaming of a green Christmas but ended up spending a bit of time behind bars after a special task force in Pottawatomie County found $600,000 worth of marijuana stashed in his mobile home.

"When they got the search warrant, they found an indoor grow operation where they had marijuana,"Pottawatomie County Sheriff Mike Booth said. "There [were] 61 plants and a substantial amount of packaged marijuana."Pott Co Pot bust.jpg

Authorities said 48-year-old Floyd Wren showed up during the sting operation and told deputies it was simply a misunderstanding.

He allegedly admitted to being a 'bad Santa' and growing the weed for Christmas presents.

In fact, Wren said he had been out delivering the merry marijuana and jolly joints and just came back to restock his stoner sleigh.

Booth said, "My deputies said he was the 'Green Santa.' He was out delivering marijuana Christmas gifts."

Despite his good intentions, deputies did not share Wren's Christmas spirit.

Not only did he end up on the naughty list, he also ended up in handcuffs.

Wren was arrested and charged with cultivation, possession and distribution of marijuana.

He was released from jail on bail but the Christmas cannabis is still in police custody.

The 'Green Santa' will have to do some last-minute Christmas shopping for everyone on his list.

The task force also seized guns and hundreds of dollars.

Authorities said they plan to burn the weed to make sure all of it is destroyed.