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Three teens arrested during home burlgary

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SPENCER, Okla. - Three Spencer teens are arrested on drug charges with a stolen car in their possession.

Police say the boys were also burglarizing homes near NE 46th and Woodland Park. Investigators believe the boys might be responsible for six other burglaries that happened over the last two weeks.

A sliding backdoor is how police say teens broke into this Spencer home.
"Some people just don't care," said Valerie Lewis. She got a call from her grandson Neiko who said when he came home, their belongings were disheveled. The flat screen tv was on the floor and other electronics including video game consuls were unplugged.

"Some people are just stupid. The fact that you would take something that somebody else worked for is just mindless," said Nieko Lewis.

Before selecting the house, investigators say the boys stole a car from an elderly woman in NE Oklahoma City. Officers say they used that vehicle to canvass different neighborhoods as they decided which homes to hit.

"They used a screw driver and punctured the steering column. That's how they were able to drive around in it," said Police Chief Virgil Green.

A watchful neighbor spotted the suspicious behavior of 15-year-old and called police. Officers say they also found a large amount of marijuana, some of it pre-packaged ready for distribution.

Green said, "They're facing some pretty serious charges especially with the large amount of drugs that was recovered out of the car. We recovered some of the drugs off of one of the teens as well."

Police tell News Channel 4 the mother of one of suspects filled up the stolen car with gas trying to help out her son's friend. She had no idea the car did not belong to him.

Because of their ages, the names of the teens have not been released.