New Year’s challenge being issued to Oklahoma City Churches

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A New Year's challenge is being issued to Oklahoma City Churches.

Lose weight, not just to fit into jeans but to give back to your community.

"People need to focus on something longer than the fad diet, longer than just the strict exercise regimen and focusing on serving and loving others is what I've found to be the most successful, says Cody Bobay."

Cody Bobay is the founder of "Lose to Serve" a newly formed non-profit organization that's launching this competition.

Churches compete against each other with high rewards.

"They're entered to win a brand new three bedroom, two bath house from 4CornersHomes," according to Bobay.

Second place is a four-year full ride scholarship to Mid-America Christian University.

"Working in wellness I know our personality as humans to say it's the start of the year, I want something extreme, says Cody."

Cody is not only the founder, he is also a fitness trainer who hopes this challenge will inspire people to make a lasting and healthy change for a powerful reason.

"When it comes to health, Oklahoma City's come a long way", says Oklahoma City Mayor, Mick Cornett.

Cornett launched a City wide weight loss challenge several years ago and is in support of the project.

Cody is now hoping local churches will start a new trend in their health and wellness.

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