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Obamacare enrollment deadline extended to Christmas Eve

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Monday was supposed to be the deadline to enroll in Obamacare but because of high traffic on, that deadline has been extended another day.

Those looking for coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) now have until midnight on Christmas Eve to sign up.

Signing up by Dec. 24 would guarantee health insurance coverage beginning Jan. 1.

However, the Oklahoma Primary Care Association said the first premium for Obamacare has to be paid by Dec. 31.

Patricia Khristensen, a Certified Marketplace Navigator, said a family of five with a household income of $30,000 could get insurance for $50-a-month after getting a tax credit subsidy.

While there's been plenty of criticism of Obamacare, one diabetic enrollee appreciates being protected, despite having a pre-existing condition.

Leslie Wallach said, "One of my medications alone is over $300-a-month that I had to pay out-of-pocket, so I feel like this is a good benefit."

Christmas Eve isn't the end of enrollment.

There is also a March 31 deadline for coverage that would begin May 1.

If you don't enroll by then, Khristensen said you will pay a penalty tax of $96, or one percent of your annual income, whichever amount is higher.

Plus, there's a $45 tax penalty for each child in your household that is not insured.