Bail bondsmen scare children home alone while looking for suspect

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A family searching for answers, after their home was practically broken into on Christmas Eve, but it wasn't someone looking to rob them. It was actually bail bondsmen who barged in.

It was the last thing they expected on the morning of Christmas Eve. Nakeisha Norton's kids were woken up to the sounds of banging and kicking at their front door.

"It was a mess,” says Norton. “All of them were scared."

It was bail bondsmen looking for Nakeisha's brother, Byron Norton. He's a convicted felon who they say jumped bail.

They say Norton put Nakeisha's home down as his primary address, but Nakeisha says he doesn't live there.

“They were kicking on the door and banging and saying they were going to kick the door down,” says Norton.” “So she got scared and opened the door."

The bondsmen searched everywhere but did not find Byron.

Norton’s 12-year- old son Deadrian Jacobs says the bondsmen where trying to scare them into telling them where his uncle was.

"They kept telling my sister my uncle is a black man with a gun charge,” says Jacobs. “And when the police find him they're going to kill him."

And that offended Deadrian.

I spoke to the bail bondsmen in question. They are by law allowed to search homes where they think a bond jumper may be but the children say they never explained that to them.

Norton understands why they need to find her brother but thinks scaring her children in the process was unnecessary.

"We don't have any problems over here,” says Norton. “None of us have any legal issues, everything's good to go."

Jacobs says, "I was expecting it to be a good morning because it was Christmas Eve."

Norton says she has no idea where her brother is, but the bondsmen are convinced she does so they say they'll keep coming back.

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