Week-old puppies abandoned in the freezing cold with mom near Lake Overholser

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Driving down this snowy road near Lake Overholser you'd never think to look twice, but it was here a litter of puppies was found. They had been left out in the cold.

Amy Gilpatrick noticed a woman pulled over Monday morning and asked if she needed help. To her surprise the woman was feeding the litter of puppies and mother dog.

"This is Eve. She's the momma of four boys," Gilpatrick said.

The puppies, only about a week, old can't even open their eyes, and Eve is doing everything she can to protect her babies.

Amy took them home with her and called the most trusted source she could think of --her cousin.

"Anytime someone has a dog or a cat problem, I get a phone call," Jessica Justus said.

Justus works with pet rescues all over the state through a private Facebook group and is all too familiar with situations like this.

"There's so many [animals] and so many people that don't know what to do with animals they don't know how to take care of," Justus said.

For now eve and her small family will spend Christmas in a small bathroom warm and safe.

"I think that most people think that it's something they don't have time for or the resources for, but as my cousin shows she was not prepared to take in a mom and four puppies, but it's not hard to throw down a blanket and water until something more permanent can be figured out," Justus said.

Click here for more information on adopting Eve and her litter of puppies visit

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