Apps you should download for your new tablet or smartphone

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Maybe you unwrapped a new tablet or smartphone, or you are an app veteran stuck in a rut.

Whatever the case, there are some apps out there that are worthy of your consideration.

Games are always popular so let’s start those:

Dots is a hot new game- much like the popular Candy Crush. And, it’s free!

If you are willing to pay $3.00 for a game, Ridiculous Fishing is supposed to be great for smartphone users.

iPad users might like Sword and Sworcery. It will cost you $2.00 but is supposed to be extremely original and engaging.

But there is so much more to the app world than just games for the iPhone:

Fantastical 2 is a great app for creating a far better calendar than the one that comes standard with your device. It’s $2.00.

Levels set up a daily, weekly and monthly budget for you, and it’s free.

For Android users:

1Weather is free and improves a very average weather experience that comes in the device.

And Swiftkey 4 is a gesture based keyboard. Once you learn it, it’s faster and more accurate than screen tapping. It’s only $2.00.

Also, KFOR has some tips for those who received a new device this year.

And don’t forget KFOR has a family of apps to help keep your family safe.

KFOR’s free Go4It and 4WarnMe apps for iPhone, iPad and Android will provide you with the latest weather, news and sports.

Stay up to date on the latest severe weather from the 4Warn Storm Team.

You can live stream all of our newscasts and live weather updates from the apps.

The powerful live radar in the apps allows you to use the same tools the 4Warn Storm Team has when it comes to storms.

Be sure to select the severe weather and breaking news alerts you would like us to warn you about.

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