Winter wonderland injures wildlife; WildCare helping animals in need

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NOBLE, Okla.  – Meteorologists 4Warned people about the ice storm hitting the state Friday, but nature’s little creatures were not able to get the memo.

“Three different individuals found hawks that were frozen to the ground,” Rondi Large, executive director and co-founder of WildCare said.

“The feathers and their tail had actually adhered to the ground and they were just stuck there frozen in the ice.”

The Red-tailed Hawks were all found in people’s backyards and all it took was a phone call to the WildCare Foundation to get them back in flight in time for Christmas.

“They’re stuck in their winter jackets the entire time,” Large said.

They can’t take layers off or put on their long johns when it’s really chilly so they have to endure when we have those warm spells or those cold spells.”

During the cold months, large says there are a few things you can do to help the wildlife.

“If people have water sources especially during the really icy periods,” she said.

“You can put heaters in them or just make sure there’s not frozen water, and it’s fresh for the animals.”

WildCare is a non-profit organization that rehabilitates more than 5,000 injured animals a year.

They recently received a bobcat that was found on the side of the road with a broken leg apparently hit by an automobile.

“Bobcats do come in hit by cars things like that,” Large said. “Sometimes trapped and still alive where we can help those guys out.”

Most of the animals at WildCare back into their natural environment. WildCare plans to break ground on an education facility early next year.

If you would like to donate to the non-profit visit WildCareOklahoma’s site.

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