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Woman’s DHS debit card hacked on Christmas Eve

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An Oklahoma City woman is sending a warning to families on child support after her DHS debit card was hacked on Christmas Eve.

Single mom Tonya Bartz was just like any other last minute shopper just days before Christmas.

Expecting a child support payment on Christmas Eve, Bartz held off on a few presents until then.

When she checked her DHS Eppicard account, she found her money was gone.

After hours on the phone searching for answers she finally found out her card had been compromised from overseas.

“I was like how did my card get hacked from Great Britain!" says Bartz. "I can't imagine I'm the only one."

Bartz says DHS told her she wasn't. She says they had received multiple calls with the same complaint just that morning.

DHS tells us there is nothing they can do since it was Eppicard that was hacked. Bartz says Eppicard wasn't much help either.

We tried contacting Eppicard for answers, but they didn't any.

To make matters worse, when we checked their grade on the better business bureau we found they had an F, with hundreds of billing and collection complaints.

That makes Bartz think the state should re-evaluate their decision to use them.

"I trusted the state,” says Bartz. "This is not just my credit card, this is my child support! We depend on this."

Bartz can only imagine how many other local families depend on it even more than they do.

"We made it through Christmas but we had to borrow from bill money so we're floating now,” says Bartz. “Until we get that Child support we're going to be behind and who know when we can catch up."

Bartz was also told she may never see that money. If she does, it will be up to ninety days later following lots of paperwork.

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