Love animals? save a pet by donating $5 dollars

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OKLAHOMA – This time of year we often pay attention to families in need, but sometimes those families include four-legged members.

Many needy Oklahomans feed their pets before they feed themselves if they don’t have enough money or food to go around. However, there is a program in the metro that is helping change that.

“Our clients feel like their pets are family like the rest of us do, and they will feed them their own food if they don’t have enough to go around,” Pet Food Pantry founder Kim Pempin said.

A1 Pet Emporium asks customers for a five dollar donation to help purchase food for needy people who are also pet owners.

“OKC pet food pantry is a nonprofit organization in OKC that supplies pet food to low income senior citizens, the homeless and veterans so they don’t have to give up their own food to help feed their pets,” Trisha Clark of the A1 Pet Emporium said.

Enough money was raised to collect 7,600 pounds of pet food.

“This is something we feel like is a huge need here in okc. More people need food than you can imagine,” Clark said. “We feel honored and proud to be able to donate this food to the pet food pantry.”

For more information contact A1 Pet Emporium or

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