Chocolate, beef, bread to cost more in 2014

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You might also want to add saving money to your list of New Year’s resolutions because a whole list of things that will cost you more, starting next year.

According to the Today Show’s financial editor, Jean Chatzky, beef prices will go up even more next year because the cost of feeding cattle is increasing.

She recommends buying when it’s on sale now and stock the freezer.

The cost of bread is also expected to rise as wheat and wheat flour prices could increase four to five percent.

Packaged shipping from the post office is expected to go up 2 percent and the cost of forever stamps is set to go up 3 cents to 49 cents in late January.

Some good news for anyone selling a home in the New Year, home prices are expected to increase.

Look for a 3 to 5 percent jump in the cost of housing.

Chatzky also says chocolate prices could soar 26 percent in 2014 due to heavy demand.