Men allegedly break into storage facility, only to not steal anything

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YUKON, Okla. - The owner of a storage facility in Yukon is scratching his head after two people allegedly used a stolen key code to break into 5-Star Storage on Christmas morning.

The men allegedly broke into several units but did not take a single item.

After nearly two hours of driving down the aisles of storage units and allegedly breaking into six different units, two people in a Ford Explorer made their exit.

Locks were broken off each of the six units but each unit has been inspected by the owners and they say nothing was stolen.

Officials at the facility say their security cameras caught every move the men made while at the business.

Rick Opitz, with 5 Star Storage, says his security equipment makes it harder for thieves to get away with a crime.

Opitz said, "We actually can't stop a thief when a thief wants to get in but we can catch that thief and that's exactly what we do."

The security footage was turned over to police on Monday and Opitz is certain that the men will be brought to justice soon.