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Sticking to your resolution: Experts offer tips to help make Oklahomans healthier in 2014

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EDMOND, Okla.- With the start of 2014 just days away, many people are setting goals to improve their life.

Some resolutions range from healthy eating, to working out or correcting bad habits.

Brittany Decker said, "A healthy lifestyle full of blessings and opportunities that I see."

Cliff Brumbaugh said, "Get a little thinner."

Elizabeth Mullins said, "Help my husband and I work out together more."

Mullins, who is a personal trainer, said weight goals should be about small lifestyle changes, not fad diets.

She said, "Something that's going to cause long-term effects is something you're going to have to work at and it's going to take dedication and hard work to get there."

She says working out in teams can help you stick to a fitness resolution.

Mullins said, "Find yourself an accountability partner, find you a buddy you enjoy coming to the gym with and that's how they're going to stick with it."

A workout partner is something Brumbaugh said helps keep him on his toes, while trying to reach his goal weight.

He said, "Motivate each other and if you're bored, you're not there just talking to yourself, you can actually talk to somebody else."

For some, the battle to improve the body is tough and keeping an open mind is key.

Decker said, "I think it's all a mental game, so I think it's having the right mentality and reaching your goal."

While hitting the gym and living a healthier life are common resolutions, a new year for some is about finding ways to be happy.

Brumbaugh said, "Just to enjoy each day to the fullest."