Woman paralyzed after being gunned down in her garage, suspect on the loose

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OKLAHOMA CITY - It has been almost a month since 54-year-old Cheryl Ruaylarp was gunned down in her own driveway.

Police have no leads and are now asking for the public's help catching the person responsible.

Ruaylarp said, "I had opened my automatic garage door and all of a sudden a man just came out of nowhere and just started beating on my windows saying 'Give me your purse. Give me your wallet.'"

Before she could do anything, the suspect became impatient and violent.

She said, "He started pulling his gun trigger and there wasn't any bullets in the first two. And then he started beating on the window, trying to knock it out with his gun in his fist."

Cheryl hit the gas and sped into her garage.

She said, "I thought 'My God, what am I going to do?' And so I took a pull forward into the garage and I thought maybe I can pull down the garage door fast with the opener, and he shot me."

She is now paralyzed and recovering in a rehabilitation hospital.

Cheryl said,"The bullet they had to leave in my spine. They were afraid to remove it and afraid it would cause further damage."

She does not know how long doctors will leave the bullet inside her body, but her fear won't subside until someone is caught.

"I didn't know if I was going to die or what," Cheryl said.  "They're very violent and I need someone to help me get them off the street before they hurt someone really bad. I was hurt pretty bad but I think they may kill someone."

Cheryl's husband remembers seeing a silver-colored van parked nearby when the assault happened.

He says it then sped away.

If you have any information, contact police.