Car crashes into house on New Years Day, family of six sleeping inside

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Early Wednesday morning, a white SUV crashed into a house in Oklahoma City near southwest 24th and May.

The driver fled the scene, leaving in a red Dodge Ram pickup.

A family of six was sleeping inside the home at the time of the crash.

“Heard a loud thump,” said Porfirio Aguero.

Porfirio Aguero is still shaken after being awakened by an early morning crash in his front yard; all that’s left are bricks from the house and car parts.

Aguero is thankful his family is alright, especially his newborn baby, who was sleeping in her room, just feet away from the crash site.

“I’m glad she’s alright. Literally, her rooms right here. I’m glad everything’s ok, my family, my sister,” said Aguero.

Now, police are searching for the driver, who fled from the scene in a red dodge ram pickup.

“This is probably the 25th accident I’ve seen in this area right here,” said neighbor Bill Sutton.

Bill Sutton has lived in the area since the early 90’s.

He said people living in the neighborhood have asked the city several times for stop signs at the intersections of Texoma and Murray and Texoma and Ross.

However, nothing has been done.

“Speed limit is 25. We see them all the time doing 35-40 like they’re on May Avenue,” said Sutton.

Aguero is thankful no one was hurt and he gets to spend the beginning of the New Year with his family and said this to the driver.

“If you’re sorry then that’s fine. As long as nobody got hurt from my family, it’s fine. I hope you’re ok,” said Aguero.

The family’s insurance company will cover the damages leftover from the hit and run.
If you have any information regarding the driver of the SUV, call crime stoppers (405) 235-7300.