Cat fight is brewing among neighbors in a historic district

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A cat fight is brewing among neighbors in a historic district in northwest Oklahoma City. Some residents in Edgemere Park say their neighbor is responsible for the disappearance of their pets.

Armed with a tape dispenser Beth McGraw is on a mission. “I’m devastated that my cat is missing and others are too.”

She said cats and other animals in the area have gone missing. She posted fliers around stop signs warning everyone about a neighbor who she says is trapping family pets.

“He’s usually out in the driveway or out in the yard and comes in every couple hours or so for a snack,” said Wendy Mills about her cat Simpson.

But now his whereabouts are unknown–he hasn’t been seen since Saturday.

Wendy and Michael Mills said the only mistake the orange tabby cat made was wondering into their neighbor’s yard.

“I realize there is a feral cat problem in the city but cats with collars, you know they belong to somebody,” said Michael.

The Mills said they talked to the homeowner about Simpson. They say that neighbor admitted to trapping him, then dropping him off an hour away near Cashion.

Michael said, “I just hate to think that’ he’s out there suffering some place.”

They’ve been looking everyday–his siblings are lonely without him. Simpson’s spirit is missed.

“He would run by and slap you on the leg and hide. Then when you go passed him he’d jump out and hit you again. You have to love that.”

After heated conversations about the missing pets, police were called.

We stopped by the home to talk to the owner to get their side of the controversy, no one came to the door.

But according to the police report the neighbor told an officer, “They do not confine their cats and they come onto his property. And, “He was trapping nuisance animals that go under his house and damage it.”

McGraw said, “The only solution I see is that he is out of the neighborhood because we’re always going to have animals in this neighborhood.

If you see Simpson contact his family at 405-528-3511 or on Facebook there is a reward.

A poster detailing the area Simpson was last seen and his owner's contact information.

A poster detailing the area Simpson was last seen and his owner’s contact information.