Oklahoma City woman looks for dog after he escapes from local vet

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OKLAHOMA CITY – One metro woman started off her new year with heartbreak.

Natalie Pinion spent the first day of 2014 looking for her dog.

Corey, her 9-year-old Schnauzer mix, escaped from Northwest Animal Hospital two weeks ago while she was on a trip.

“If I’m not doing something else it’s pretty much been looking for Corey.” Pinion said. “So it’s been really hard. I mean, I’ve had him since 2007.”

Corey was last seen around the area of N.W. 42nd and MacArthur a week ago. Since then, Pinion has hung hundreds of signs all over the city hoping someone will find her dog.

“That first Sunday I searched for like 7 hours. That’s the longest day I put in.” She said.

While Northwest Animal Hospital has posted a few lost dog ads in the paper and online, Pinion is frustrated they aren’t doing more to help. The vet was closed for New Year’s, but the hole they claim Corey dug to escape was still there, two weeks later.

Despite the heartbreak, Pinion is thankful for support she’s getting from the community.

“Warr Acres and Bethany Police Department and Animal Control both have been exceptional.” She said. “And I’ve gone to a police officer in Bethany and he knew exactly what Corey looked like. And they’re keeping their eyes out.”

Now, it’s a race against time to bring Corey home before something bad happens to him.

“He’s just been around the whole time.” Pinion said. “So it’s been really hard.”

Northwest Animal Hospital says this is the first time an animal has escaped from the facility.

If you see or find Corey, call or text Natalie Pinion at 405-361-0232 or 405-312-6898. You can also e-mail her at natalie.pinion@yahoo.com.