3-year-old girl found safe following Amber Alert; suspect taken into custody

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A 3-year-old girl is found safe and sound following an Amber Alert.

That Amber Alert was canceled when police recovered the missing girl early Wednesday morning.

The toddler had allegedly been taken after being left in a running car last night.

3-year-old Bailey Joe Shreeves waves to paramedics and being rescued following the Amber Alert.

The woman who lives in a nearby home noticed the car parked outside and confronted the driver, identified as 37-year-old Aimee Webb.

"I told her there's an Amber Alert out for you, go in my house right now," said Beverly Willard.

Beverly then waited for police to arrive, who showed up in force and promptly took Webb into custody and without a fight.

"When I told her to get the bleep into the house, she knew I wasn't playing," said Willard.  "I didn't know what she was capable of nor did I care.  It's about the child."

The Amber Alert started at this house on NW 12th.

Police say the boyfriend of the 3-year-old's mother took the child to a suspected drug house and went inside.

That's when Webb allegedly sped away.

Police thought she might be headed for Ardmore or Chickasha but she didn't get far.

"Apparently she hit a curb and blew out 2 tires and disabled the vehicle.  So she found a place to pull off the road and get out of sight," said Oklahoma City police Lt. Jimmy Thomas.

Webb then waited with the 3-year-old in the car all night until being discovered by Beverly's family.

Police say Webb is not related to the child in any way.

The 3-year-old's mother had apparently been at work at the time of the abduction.