State pump prices at 2-month high for motorists

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OKLAHOMA -Not since Halloween have Oklahoma motorists seen prices at the pump as high as they are today, according to AAA.

Oklahoma’s statewide gasoline price average was $3.33 per gallon for the year of 2013, equaling the state’s average in 2011 but eight cents cheaper than the average in 2012.

Nationwide, pump prices averaged $3.49 in 2013, the least expensive year since 2010.

AAA believes prices in 2014 should be slightly lower than this year, barring any unforeseen market-moving news, as domestic refining capacity is expanded and crude oil production increases.

Today’s national average price at the pump is $3.32 per gallon, six cents more than one week ago, five cents more than one month ago and three cents more than the same date last year.  After falling on 19 of 22 days, the national average has now increased for 12 straight days.

With less than a day remaining in 2013, the national retail average price of gasoline continues to hover just a few cents above the same date last year. Motorists will almost certainly ring in 2014 with the highest price on record for New Year’s Day.

This will be the fifth consecutive January 1 that Americans have paid more at the pump than the prior year and the fourth straight year that a record high has started the year.