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Cold weather affects Downtown in December special events

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OKLAHOMA CITY - The ups and downs of Oklahoma weather made this year's Downtown in December a challenging one.

“Families like to take their kids out to the ice rink and snow tubing on the weekends and because all that bad weather kept coming in before school was out and on weekends, it really did impact the numbers at those outdoor activities.” Jill Delozier, with Downtown OKC said.

The Chesapeake Snow Tubing took the hardest hit. Downtown OKC says fewer people have gone this year than last, and revenue is down.

“Snow tubing, people think 'oh, well, ice and snow is great' but it actually makes the slide so fast that it’s kind of scary." Delozier said. "So the little kids didn’t enjoy it as much. We do try to clear that off and make it kind of a fun ride.”

On the bright side, Downtown OKC says more than 20,000 people have visited since tubing opened after Thanksgiving.

For many families, the cold took some getting used to, but now it won't keep them home.

"As long as the roads were OK we can be out." Amanda Iverson said." You just bundle up and deal with the cold."

This is also the first year the Winter Shops have been outside. Myriad Botanical Garden officials say they are almost positive the weather kept many visitors away when temperatures dropped below freezing, but it's hard to be exactly sure.

“Next year we’ll be able to compare it to this year so we’ll have some idea of how weather affects the shops.” Christine Eddington said.

There are still 15 sessions left of snow tubing. Downtown OKC believe the cold weather will impact the 6pm and 8pm sessions the most this week.