Fans, tailgaters get ready for big game

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ARLINGTON, Texas - In the shadow of AT&T Stadium, they rolled in one by one, just days before kickoff.

Thousands of Cowboy fans flocked to the Lone Star State to cheer on their favorite team as they take on their former Big 12 rival, Missouri.

While the price tag and location of AT&T Stadium deterred a few tailgaters, others decided the excitement of the game was simply too much to pass up.

Other fans were in awe of the stadium itself.

One fan said, "We're so close, we don't even need the jumbotron."

A pair of Missouri and OSU fans found themselves sitting right next to each other.

They were even able to talk a little trash before kickoff.

One Missouri fan compared his team to OU, the new Sugar Bowl champions.

He said, "They beat our SEC, Alabama last night."

One OSU fan cut in by saying, "And that's what's going to happen tonight."

While the group continued to trade remarks, they laughed, saying it was all in good fun.

When asked why they were so excited for the game, one young fan put it simply, saying, "Because it's the Cotton Bowl."

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