Gun range misses business bullseye and has to close down

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EDMOND, OKLA.- After years  of service, Heartland Outdoors in Edmond is forced to close.

Offering customers an archery range and gun range, Heartland Outdoors was one of the few indoor ranges in the metro area.

Customers are disappointed with the final decision to close, and many of those customers don't know where they will go to continue purchasing their supplies.

Dakota Guilliams an avid hunter and shooter who shops with Heartland for parts and ammo, says now that they're closed he will have to buy from other places."For the most part my business is gonna have to switch to the internet, cause I can't drive out to H&H as often as id like to cause gas is expensive."

Local gun range H&H shooting sports has an answer for the abandoned Heartland members, they are looking at offering memberships to those who lost theirs with Heartland Outdoors.

H&H is also looking at the possibility of offering jobs to the previous employees of Heartland Outdoors.

"Were offering to do anything we can to help, unfortunately things happen and we just
wanted him to know and their guests to know and their team members to know that
there's an opportunity here and well be happy to do anything we can to make it
work," said Miles Hall, owner of H&H Shooting Sports

Hall says that the owner of Heartland Outdoors is a stand up guy and always did what was best for his customers.

H&H has a call in with the owner of Heartland to discuss these ideas but has yet to hear back.

Although they are closed for business Heartland says they will honor any gift card or previous merchandise purchase until January 15th.

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