Police release identity of suspect killed in officer shootout Friday afternoon

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UPDATED: Police have identified the suspect who fired at two Oklahoma City officers Friday afternoon as 21-year-old Joeshawn Edwards Williams.

SGT. Cortez (who was the officer who suffered from a gunshot wound) was released Friday from the hospital and is in good condition.

OKLAHOMA CITY - An officer involved shooting leaves one man dead and an officer injured.

It happened Friday just after noon near the intersection of Western and Hefner in Oklahoma City. Police say a man shot an officer and the officer fired back killing the man.

"There was this guy kind of walking slow. So I was eyeballing him," witness Alexis Ballard said.

And so were police. Ballard says she stopped at a 7-11 store near Western and Hefner during her lunch break, but before it was over, she was downtown at the police department as a witness in a homicide.

"The next thing I know the cop pulled up and was asking him questions," she said about the man who eventually shot at police.

Two officers were trying to make a voluntary contact with the man and attempted to catch up with him near the 7-11 where store clerks say someone had dropped off the man moments earlier.

However, when the man saw police, he took off running and officers chased him.

"He was running and ran through the intersection," Ballard said.

Witnesses say they heard about five gunshots and then saw one of the officers limping from the scene with what appeared to be a gunshot to the leg."

"I was scared, because  I've never heard gunshots before so I was shocked," Ballard said.

Police followed the man behind a vacant office building where they say he shot one of thenofficers, and the officer shot back.

"He turned on the officer with a firearm, fired and shot the officer. The officer returned fire as he went down killing the subject," OKC Police Captain Dexter Nelson said.

Police are not releasing the name of the officer. He has been released from the hospital and placed on administrative leave while the incident is investigated. The officer has been with the department about a decade.

Both officers will not be interviewed  by police about the case until next week at the earliest.

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