OSU, Missouri fans team up to tackle hunger in food bank blitz

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DALLAS - While AT&T Stadium will be split between black and orange and black and gold on Friday night, a food bank in North Texas saw the same divide for a good cause.

The North Texas Food Bank welcomed both OSU and Missouri fans to tackle hunger in the community.

Jennifer Green, volunteer coordinator with the North Texas Food Bank, said, "We need the help."

The food bank is responsible for providing 175,000 meals each day to members of the community.

However, Green says the need is actually closer to 300,000 meals a day.

Once OSU officials learned the Cowboys were heading to the Cotton Bowl, they immediately made a call to the food bank to see about volunteering.

OSU leaders said they were looking to get their fans involved in volunteer work for the community and even asked Missouri to join in the food bank blitz.

Green said, "We got a phone call from the school. The fight starts tonight but today let's fight hunger."

On Friday, fans were decked out in their teams' colors but were working side by side to help those in need.

Matthew Else said, "It's not bad. We're not on the field right now."

Else and some friends drove to Dallas for the game from Tulsa and decided to spend their morning helping others.

He said, "We knew ahead of time that we wanted to do this, so we decided to save our celebration later for after we win."

At times, there would be a cheer of "M-I-Z Beat OSU," followed by a chant of "Orange Power!"

Van Freeman decided to lend a helping hand after seeing a post about the volunteer work on Facebook.

Freeman said, "I do a lot of volunteer work."

Even though he didn't have a ticket to the game, Freeman said he was planning to take his chances and just hoped he would find a ticket for sale.

Organizers say that while there was more gold than orange, the OSU fans kept everyone going.

Green said, "OSU is keeping us motivated to do more."

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