Shelter, rescue group searching for foster families for big dogs

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OKLAHOMA CITY – The Bella Foundation is teaming up with the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter, searching for foster families ready to take on a “big” responsibility.

They are recruiting people willing to take in large-breed dogs with their “Big Hearts for Big Dogs” program.

The shelter has struggled to find foster homes for dogs weighing more than 50 pounds.

Sadly, most of the dogs left to die in shelters are large-breed dogs.

Tevin Garner, with The Bella Foundation, said “Large dogs require a lot more work. If they’re not trained they can be more destructive, but they make wonderful companions. They are really easy to train as long as you have the focus to train them. Unfortunately, there are just more large dogs in shelters than there are small dogs.”

Now, the rescue group and the shelter are urging families to get involved, giving large dogs foster homes so they can get out of the shelter until they’re adopted.

Garner said, “It makes you really want to focus on that animal and making sure they’re set up to be a great pet for somebody else.”

You can sign up to foster a large dog on The Bella Foundation’s website or by calling them at 1-866-318-PETS.

You can also sign up at the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter’s website or by calling them at (405) 297-3100.

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