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Car plows into Bethany home; family says this is fourth vehicle to crash in yard

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BETHANY, Okla. - A woman is faced with DUI charges and a Bethany family is left with quite a mess after police said a drunk driver crashed into a home overnight.

The car hit an air conditioning unit first, saving a woman’s life who was sleeping on the other side of the wall.

"I was literally an inch away from this part of the wall hitting me," Toni Newman said.

Newman is the woman who was sleeping in this room when she was awakened by a big boom.

"I saw a bright white flash so I thought it was thunder," Newman said.

However, it was more than Mother Nature.

The loud noise was a car crashing into an air conditioning compressor, which exploded on contact.

Her car came to a crashing halt in the back of this family's home near N.W. 33rd St. and Eagle Lane Drive.

Police officers said they believe the woman behind the wheel was driving drunk.

"The police officer said if that unit wouldn't have been there, the car would have come completely in and I would've been gone," Newman said.

The Newman family said the problem is the curve near their home.

They said there's only one warning sign and drivers travel too fast around the bend.

"They come around the curve all the time," Doyle Newman said.

Doyle Newman, Toni's father, owns the home and said this is the fourth vehicle that has ended up in their yard.

He said speeding is usually a factor.

"Don't drink and drive," Doyle said. "It’s tough being young, real tough being young."

For his daughter, this close call comes with a strong message.

"It's just another reminder to be safe," Toni said. "If you can't drive, don't. Be responsible if you're going to go out and do stuff like that."

The driver was taken to the hospital to be checked for injuries.

Bethany police said she will be facing DUI charges.