Don’t try this at home: Woman’s hot water, cold weather experiment lands her in hospital

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BROWN DEER, Wis. – An experiment involving boiling hot water and freezing cold temperatures has become wildly poplar with the recent winter blasts across the country.

It usually involves a person throwing cups of hot water into the frigid air to see it turn into vapor… but not this time.

The winter trick went horribly wrong for this Wisconsin woman, according to WITI.

Winter winds foiled 22-year-old Crystal Wallem’s attempt at an even bigger show.

She filled a bucket with gallons of boiling water; she said it was about 220 degrees.

When she released the liquid, the winds changed covering her back with scalding water and steam.

WITI reported Wallem went to the hospital for second-degree burns.

Now she and her family are warning others about the possible dangers of this experiment.

Her family said she was the third person to go to the hospital for burns from the same trick that night.

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