Midwest City inmate back behind bars after poorly planned escape

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MIDWEST CITY -A Midwest City inmate and his wife are behind bars after a short-lived prison escape.

Bobby Gourley, 42, started his day on jail detail, working at a Midwest City Animal Shelter. But before his shift was over, police say he escaped through the back fence.

Police say his "sidekick" Krystal Whitt, 40 who happens to be his wife was waiting at 63rd Street and Midwest Blvd.

An alert went out to local agencies. "Normally you would think if you just escaped from the custody of police you're going to go and hide out," said Spencer Police Chief Virgil Green.

But not Gourley less than an hour later he was spotted at Lucky's Food Mart convenient store.

But his fortune quickly changed when Spencer lawmen drove by.

The officers saw the car and had a flashback thinking they saw it before at the scene of another crime.

Green said, "The vehicle kind of matched the description of another vehicle they had seen at a known drug house that's been under surveillance."

They soon noticed Gourley at 6-foot-4, still wearing his jail uniform.
"I'm not sure if he thought this escape out," said Green.

Or maybe his plan was to hide in plain sight.

Gourley and his wife were both taken into custody. Whitt has warrants in Midwest City and Cleveland County.

Investigators don't know why he left the work site. He was serving a 113 day sentence for a misdemeanor drug charge and working off a $1770 fine.

But now he was an additional 60 days in the slammer and another fine of $845 dollars.

Green said "Kudos to the officers, they did an outstanding job. We had a rookie officer that was with a seasoned officer and they were diligent."

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