Nearly 70% of U.S. adults experience digital eye strain

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As a nation we are mesmerized by screens, but staring intently at electronic devices all day can lead to a type of eye stress experts call “digital eye strain”.

“The symptoms of digital eye strain include that fatigued feeling you get in your eyes, the soreness, the headache, the dry, irritated red eyes, the inability to keep things in focus,” explains Dr. Justin Bazan.

Dr. Bazan is a consultant for the Vision Council, a trade association for makers of eye care products.

The group just released a survey that finds 70-percent of adults experience such digital discomfort.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to ease the strain.

The is technology made to help save your eyes from all this.

Free desktop applications like “Eye-Defender” reminds users to relax and blink every so often.

You can also increase the font size on most devices.

The vision council encourages “computer glasses” to reduce glare.

Many prescription eye glasses, though, can be ordered with special coating to cut down on glare. Some tints may also help.

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