Day 4 of impeachment hearings

New Year’s Resolution: Government wasteful spending

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OKLAHOMA – If you set a New Year’s resolution for 2014, you’re not alone.

Today a number of house legislators agree to find ways of eliminating wasteful government spending in the New Congressional Calendar.

Talks began during a house committee on oversight and government reform.

Committee chairman, Darrell Issa, emphasized the importance to find and cutback unnecessary spending costing taxpayers an estimated $295 billion dollars annually.

Among the proposed ways to address overspending is consolidating duplicated programs.

Members of the committee cited examples, such as, 679 renewable energy programs-costing $15 billion dollars a year, eliminating $400 billion dollars in maintenance for F-35 aircraft the pentagon doesn’t even want because they don’t fly at night, and enforce oversight on the I.T Sector, where $82 billion is spent and at least 50 percent is wasted.

It’s a long road ahead but the legislators plane to shave back these costs one step at a time.

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