‘Are we there yet?’ Passengers arrive in Tulsa, supposed to be in Missouri

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TULSA, Okla. – A commercial flight left several passengers asking, ‘Where are we?’

The flight crew welcomed them to Springfield, Mo. but they were really in Oklahoma.

It appears that foggy conditions in Missouri forced Allegiant Airlines to reroute the flight to Tulsa late Thursday night.

The whole ordeal left passengers confused and frustrated.

One passenger said, “The only thing we were told is, ‘Welcome to Springfield, Missouri.”

Amy Arbuckle and her daughter, Emily, say Allegiant Airlines left them stranded at Tulsa International Airport.

Arbuckle said, “We want some answers.”

Passengers say their flight out of Florida headed to Missouri was diverted to Tulsa, but passengers were never informed of the detour.

A passenger said, “We knew we were not in Springfield and people turned on phones and GPS said we were in Tulsa.”

According to KJRH, witnesses say the plane started to descend before pulling back up and going down fast at a rapid pace.

The passengers ended up at a separate terminal on the airport property since the main terminal is closed overnight.

Travelers say they waited for about three hours on a shuttle to get them to the main terminal.

Airport officials say passengers had the choice of waiting for the next flight or renting a car to drive from Tulsa to Springfield.

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